Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Relax & enjoy

I decided to take part of Cameron's spring break off, so I have no work for the next 5 days, woo hoo!  Although, sometimes I think I work harder when I'm at home vs. work, so it's not exactly relaxing.  When I'm home, I have the the tendency to be a bit anxious & antsy since I'm so used to an agenda with working.  I do better when I have structure & a schedule, so I get a little wound up on my days off.  I'm constantly buzzing around the house, trying to get as much accomplished as I can. God forbid I not be productive!  With that being said, Mike's taking the next two days off with me, so we're going to get out of the house & live like Florida tourists!

We're going to head over to the Weeki Wachee Springs to go canoeing tomorrow & have a picnic lunch along the river.  The water is crystal clear so it should be pretty cool.  I'm hoping we see a manatee!

Today was my usual day off so I scheduled Cam's dental filling for today which was not so fun.  His molars came through very weak & brittle which could have been for any reason, one of which were a lot of high fevers as a baby.  Whatever the reason may be, the dentist was able to catch the first three by putting a sealant on, but didn't catch the fourth in time so it had to be filled today.  The little guy did so great, but unfortunately he bit the crap out of his bottom lip so he's pretty sore right now.  Not sure how he managed to bite it since I made sure to only give him a milkshake while he was numb, but that's Cam for you!

This little bra-wearing goofball was an angel at the dentist.  See her pink dress above?  She's positively obsessed with it & wants to wear it 24/7.  I have to pry it off her when it's time to throw it into the wash!

Recently Reese and I had a girl's night in together which included ice cream & popcorn while watching Barbie in Princess Power.  She's about as obsessed with that movie as she is with the pink dress (which you'll see above, she was wearing yet again!)  We rented the movie from Redbox & when it's time to return it, she flipped her lid.  Maybe the Easter bunny will bring her a copy of her own?

While we had our girl's night in, Mike & Cam had their boy's night out.  For Valentine's Day, I bought Mike & Cam a ticket for the Lightning game since Cameron had never been to a hockey game before.  They had an absolute blast!

I tried my first French braid on Reese last night & I was pretty excited that it came out decently!  She was just sitting on my lap eating a snack when I decided to give it a whirl.  It's the little things in life that make me happy!

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  1. nice braid! that kayaking place looks awesome! we just got adelaide a youth kayak, I am so excited about seeing her use it this summer! i want to go to wishy washy park though, or whatever that kooky name was! adel has a cavity to be filled too. :( dang it! her teeth are so tight that she got one in between hers...who has the time or desire to floss a six year old's teeth...I guess I do now. :( did he do ok with the shot?

  2. Seriously, Lesli, who has time to floss their own teeth let alone their kid's?!? Hold tight to hear about the dentist disaster we've been through...