Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy birthday, Reese Elizabeth!

My little gal pal is THREE years old today, how did that happen?!

So, what is my three year old girl up to?  You're in P2 with  Ms. Kasey & Ms. Beth but soon you'll be moving up to P3.  You wear 4T clothes but I just got rid of all of your 3Ts & replaced them with 5Ts which even fit you.

Speaking of fitting into 5T clothes, you absolutely love to snack & would seriously be munching on something every waking hour if we let you.  Your favorite foods are peanut butter, frozen blueberries which you call "purple strawberries", grapes, applesauce & cheese.  Your most used words are, "I want" & "I need."  There are times you're asking for something & you don't even know what you want.  That's when you say, "I need.... something..." Needless to say, you keep me hopping!

You're an absolute character & constantly crack us up with your awesome sense of humor.  Lately you cooked up a little booty shake while you say, "little butt, butt!"  It's absolutely adorable & I ask you to do it all the time!  You can be extremely sweet & loving & also feisty with some harshness sprinkled in.  My feelings have been hurt a few times recently when you say, "NOOO!  I want Daddy to do it!"  Since you've always been such a Mama's girl, it's hard for me to see you preferring your dad over me!

 You love playing outside on your new playground & you also love to watch movies & TV shows after a long day of school.  Your favorite movie is Mickey's Three Musketeers & your favorite show is Paw Patrol.

We did our fourth picture with your BFFs, Sammy & Taylor.  The first time you girls posed for this shot, you were 5 days old, Sammy was 4 days old & Tay was 6 months old.  How far you girls have come!

The mommy's tried to pose for a pic too, but as you can see, we were photo bombed by three little stinkers!

 Happy, happy birthday to my sweet, little baby girl!  Reesey Cakes, I love you more than you'll ever know!

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