Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween fun!

Cooler weather has breezed into hot & humid Florida just in time for Halloween, woo hoo!  As I sit & type this, snuggled in my blanket, it's a cool 59 degrees outside.  Love me some fall!

I love that with my favorite time of year the cooler weather arrives just in time so we can actually go outside to enjoy it!  Like most falls, we've taken advantage & done something outside most weekends.

Reese's school did a cute fall festival & I was lucky enough that my schedule worked out where I was able to swing by & participate after work.

Reese & Sammy are BFFs!

We also made it down to Sarasota to spend the weekend with family & we hit up two festivals.  One was at a church & everything was completely free; food, games, activities.. it was so nice!  They wouldn't even accept a donation at the end.

Let me just tell you how much I hate snow cones at festivals... the cheap paper cone that dissolves before they're even done, spilling all over Mike's head as he carries Reese on his shoulders or all over my beige car interior as Mikayla says, "Oops, I spilled my snow cone!"

I think Reese may have been an equestrian in another life.. she is so comfortable on horses!  On the other hand, I'm 35 years old & I have NEVER gone horseback riding in my life!!  We may need to pursue horseback riding camps for Reese though, she was in her element.

Thursday we painted pumpkins which was a hot mess!  That green paint was impossible to wash off & Cam took it upon himself to scratch his face & neck while holding his paintbrush, getting paint all over! 

Our Sonic & Aurora were ready to hit the streets in the pursuit of candy yesterday!

This chick on the swing was creepy as all get out as she sang, "la, la, la, la, la, la!" over & over.

We have a disgusting amount of candy, especially because we didn't hand out a single piece since we were out with the kids trick-or-treating.  Must get rid of it soon!

Here's a glimpse of what Cameron is going to look like on Halloween night in 14 years when he's away at college!!

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