Friday, January 3, 2014

Sickness is all around me

The title of this post keeps reminding me of Love Actually which I happened to watch at least three times this Christmas season.  Instead of, "Christmas is all around me!"  I keep singing, "Sickness is all around me!"  Yep, so there's that.  Anyway, sickness has been in our house for a little over a week & I'm stifling my congested cough in order to not wake my sick gal from her 4 hour nap.  I didn't anticipate ringing in the New Year with 3 out of 4 of us being sick.  Mike is the only one that's dodged the bullet so far.

On top of her four hour and still going nap, Reese slept over fourteen hours last night!  Poor girl needed the extra sleep to kick this bug she's been fighting all week.

We always have birds of many kind hanging around our neighborhood & backyard but we've never had a Sandhill Crane actually come into our yard, so we were surprised to see this guy right by our window this morning!

Cam's been in daycare while we're working, but he's out of pre-K for the week, so he was able to stay home with us today.  As amazing as he is as a big brother, he really knows how to push his sister's buttons.  And when she's sick there are a LOT of buttons to be pushed so there was plenty of whining & crying going on this morning! 

I've gotten a ton done today which is great to have a jump on the weekend & other than Mike needing to drag the tree out to the street, Christmas is all put away & about 8 loads of laundry are done.

While Reese napped, me & Cam headed out to the back yard to play Boom Boom Balloon.  That game scares the heck out of me & I shriek every time that dang balloon bursts!

It's one of the colder days we've had so far this season, so it was great to enjoy some chill!  Cam is definitely a Florida boy & freezes whenever it's under 60 degrees.  I tell him he wouldn't have made it in the Chicago area where I grew up!

Stella has Mexican roots & loves the heat too, but she was basking in the sun on the blanket as we played.

 Dempsey on the other hand was nowhere to be found.  We eventually saw her sitting in the corner of the yard all by herself just staring at us.  It was so funny.  Eventually I was able to call her over to us & she seemed all timid & odd with her normally curly Puggy tail straightened like a stick.  It quickly dawned on me that she's terrified of balloons popping & wanted to be no where near Boom Boom Balloon!  What a goofball.

It was an impromptu day off but it's been a great one!  My girl has been fever free all day today so I'm hoping that will all the rest & extra sleep, this sickness will be kicked to the curb.  Happy New Year!!!

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