Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet home, Chicago!

Even though I've lived in Florida for the past eight or so years, Chicago will always be home to me.  It's been two years since our last visit, so we were pretty excited to be heading up there last week.  Our visits to Chicago are so bittersweet since we miss our family & friends so much.  Leaving is always so sad even though it's good to get back to our house & Florida family & friends.

Reese did so-so on the flight up there.  She didn't nap at all which was rough but as soon as we accepted the fact that she was not laying down, we just fed her & fed her & fed her to keep her little trap filled & prevent her from crying!

It was a relief to finally land & see Grammy waiting for us.  Waiting on the luggage for an hour was no fun though!

I got sort of lazy about pulling out my camera & taking pictures during our trip so there are visits with my friends that I don't even have pictures of.  :o(    It was impossible to see everyone that we wanted to see, but we did the best that we could.  There were some days that we were seeing three separate groups of people.  It's not easy being so popular... ha ha!

Cameron, Rhyanna & Raelynn

Gina, Becky & me

It was great to visit with my HS friends Gina & Becky & meet Gina's daughter Raelynn.

Ron, Gina, Becky, Mike & me
After our visit, we had to bolt back to the Pernecky's house to get ready for Papa's surprise 70th birthday party.  He certainly wasn't expecting it since his actual birthday isn't till the end of April! Mike's mom wanted us to be there for it, so she held it early.  He was beyond surprised & cried his eyes out from happiness!  Unfortunately Reese was sick with a bad cold so I wasn't able to take a single picture!

Thursday night we did Christmas with the family.  

I was so surprised & excited when I opened my new Coach purse!  Erika got me a beautiful Pandora ring too which was so thoughtful!

Uncle Nick spent some time with his niecey Reesey!

My awesome friend Julie cut & colored my hair last Wednesday & then cooked us an amazing dinner on Friday night.  She is such a crafty, talented girl... a little Martha Stuart!

After dinner we just hung around the table & talked to her & her husband Steve.  I love them!

Sunday morning we visited our friends Lesli, Mark, Mike & Jaysa & their kids but again, no pictures!  Gosh, I suck!  Sunday afternoon we headed over to Matt & Amanda's house... they're our very best friends from HS & college.  It's funny when you see long-time, good friends; years can go by & then you meet up & it's like no time at all went by.

Here's a random picture of Mike taking Reese into the Pernecky's steam shower.  Don't worry, he was wearing shorts!  Wouldn't want to traumatize the poor baby!  Our girl is finally feeling better but it appears that I've caught her cold.

Grammy's new dog, Lucy was so cute & energetic!

Mike's awesome cousins, Gia & Paige came over Sunday night for a visit since they had yet to meet Reese.

They found our goofy girl pretty amusing!

Papa loves his grand kids!
Visiting with Aunt Bernice on Monday at her assisted living facility

After we visited with my Aunt Bernice on Monday, we swung by the house that Mike lived in until he was nine.  Then we headed over to Mike's grandma's condo.

It was so good to see Mike's grandma again!

The morning we left Chicago was twelve degrees but actually beautiful!  We landed in eighty degree Tampa yesterday evening after a very smooth flight with our napping baby girl.  Whenever I fly from Florida to Illinois, the weather changes never cease to amaze me.  It's crazy to have a seventy degree temperature difference in less than three hours! 

After our Chicago "vacation" we're positively exhausted but we're so thankful to have gone & see all that we love! 
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