Monday, April 18, 2011

In Love!

I am absolutely in love with our Confederate Jasmine that's been blooming for the past few weeks. The scent that wafts from the flowers is absolutely divine & it perks up my mood each time I see & smell the flowers!

Sometimes I'll pick a group of flowers to bring inside with me so I can continue to enjoy them.

How I'll miss those flowers when they're gone!

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  1. Uummm, there's something blooming in my stepmom's yard that smells devine. I don't think it's confederate jasmine but it reminds me of lilacs back home. I love the scents of Spring!

  2. So my neighbor has some of this growing on the side of her house, she let me pick some the other day and she said I can cut some from the base and try to transplant it! Does it attract a lot of bees?