Saturday, March 19, 2011

Renaissance Fair

Last Saturday was absolutely gorgeous so I was more than happy to spend the entire day outside enjoying the Tampa Renaissance Fair. We'd never been to this fair before so it was interesting to see the different characters that came dressed in garb from this era. It was fun to people watch, that's for sure!

Cam looks like a mad scientist in this picture! Ha! His eyes are so light so they're very sensitive to the sun.

We were happy that Matt & Kelly invited us since we wouldn't have thought to go otherwise. It's nice to check out local events & enjoy the weather before it gets unbearable.

We had a great time on the horse swing but Cam was happiest when the swing was pushed at a reasonable pace... he wasn't thrilled when it got too high. Leah looked unsure for the most part & I really thought she was going to lose her breakfast at first!

Blessed with wonderful friends!

And yes, Cam is wearing pearls in this picture! I'm not even sure how he got them since I turned away for a second & the next thing I know, he's wearing them. Mike tells me some woman put them on his neck. Ooookaaayyy!

We met up with Kelly's co-worker & her husband who just happened to be a fire blower! Don't see that everyday!

The kids were able to run & play & get plenty of fresh air!

And I left with the garden mushroom that I had my eye on the entire afternoon!

Sorry Cam, you'll have to walk, the mushroom needs a ride!

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  1. Looks like fun! We've never been over there for that festival, was it worth it?

  2. Thanks for this post Allison, my Dad used to take me to the Renaissance Fair back in Illinois every year growing up. I LOVED it and my Dad was one of the goof balls that dressed up for it! Mike & I have never been since moving to Florida but after looking at your pics we might have to make a point to get there next year! It looks like fun! I love all that fire breathing, juggling stuff. Did they have the beggar guys who eat and roll around in the mud?

  3. I definitely thought it was worth the trip. Just walking around, enjoying the weather & checking out the people & events kept us busy. We were there for hours & hours & I never lost interest.

    Mel, I don't remember beggar guys rolling in the mud but we may have missed it. You guys should definitely check it out next year. Hopefully we can join you!