Monday, August 9, 2010

Saturday Happenings

Where might this little stud be heading out to on a Saturday morning, looking as cool as ever?

Maybe he's heading out to cruise the streets & flirt with some two year old gals?

Nah, he's just heading to McDonald's for a little grub with his mom & dad!

Some hot cakes for my hot cake!

And our little flap jack ended up wearing a large portion of his syrup as we left & headed out to the local nursery to pick out new plants for our patio. Cam got to see some colorful fish at the nursery & we headed out with some pretty plants in tow! Although we still haven't had the chance to plant them since it stormed like crazy within two minutes of us getting back home!

Once again the weekend went far too quickly & it's back to the grind again. As I picked Cam up from daycare today, I noticed he had a ring of drool on his shirt. Yes that's right, my nearly two year old is still drooling! That child started drooling profusely when he was two months old, didn't stop until he was about 14 months old & it appears to be back again as his second molars come through. What will I do with that boy? I know, I know!! Smother him with kisses and hugs! Love that boy!

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