Thursday, August 19, 2010

Man Overboard!

Well, couple new things going on this week... First of all, Cam got himself a new beanbag chair & he's loving just kicking back & relaxing after a long day at school.

He's back to being obsessed with Cars & has given up Nemo for the time being. As we arrive home, he yells, "Lightning, Lightning!" as he grabs the DVD case & hands it to me. We may have ourselves a TV drone if we aren't careful.

And last, but absolutely, positively not least, Cam is officially able to climb out of his crib. Yesterday morning as I got my coffee ready, I could hear him stirring over the baby monitor as he woke up. He did his usual talking & just hanging out so I continued to get things ready & poured his milk. Then I heard him saying, Oh no, oh no! Oh no, oh no!

There was no urgency to his words, nothing was out of the ordinary & I heard no thuds or scuffles over the monitor. But as I headed to his room to get him from his crib, I found him sitting on the floor outside his crib rather than in his crib. I was extremely surprised to say the least.

After talking it over with Mike & consulting a few parenting websites, we've decided to keep him in his crib for now. We removed the padded bumper from inside his crib to prevent him from having any additional leverage. Seeing that he's never tried to get out of bed before, the bumper had just been there since he was born.

And as of last night we've got this little guy keeping an eye on Cam. I borrowed this video monitor from Lauren yesterday since we had met up to see Eat, Pray, Love.

Last night Cam made no attempts to jump ship as he fell asleep & Mike had to wake him up this morning so again, no attempts of getting out. He usually sleeps till 7:30 or so & we're already up at that time so we'll continue to keep a close eye & convert his bed as we see necessary. By no means do we want him falling out & hurting himself but we also don't want to convert him until he's truly ready. I guess only time will tell! He sure does keep us on our toes though!

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  1. haha we must have jinxed you by talking about this the other day!

  2. That's crazy, good luck!!