Friday, June 18, 2010

Jack of all Trades!

A couple of years ago Mike asked me if I'd start cutting his hair for convenience & to save some money. I didn't mind, so I gave it a whirl & eventually got pretty decent & comfortable with it. Funny thing is though, I typically have to bug him to let me cut his hair. Like he's doing me a favor! Uh, don't think so, scruffy!

Anyway, now that there are two boys living under our roof, I am the cutter of two heads; one very blond & one very dark!

One would not expect Cam to be a good hair cutting customer because he is always on the move. However, he is amazingly good at sitting still & cooperating the entire time. It's the same way when I have to trim his finger or toe nails.

So we ended Cam's Friday evening with a haircut. Problem? I remembered I wanted to cut it after his bath & after Mike had already put lotion on Cam. Lets just say he had to take another dip in the tub since he looked like Sasquatch after his cut.

I love that I'm able to serve as my boys' hair stylist but there's one issue I'm faced with. I've yet to get a tip!!!

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  1. i think you get your tips in love and hugs.

    this was funny you posted this since mark wants me to start cutting his hair. the other night our neighbor did it for him and it was quite a sight. a man cutting mark's hair in our kitchen. note to self: never cut hair in a kitchen again. i will have to call you for some advice allison!

  2. She cuts it in our kitchen but it just drops to the floor and we vacuum it up, no harm no foul!

  3. Tips of love & hugs are the best anyway! Yeah, it's actually easier than you'd imagine & I don't find it to be very messy. I move our kitchen table, whip out the Dyson when we're done & we're good to go!