Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today is Mike's 31st birthday, but I thought we'd celebrate early so I threw a surprise party for him on Friday. He thought we were going to have a rather typical, low-key Friday night, but to his surprise Matt, Kelly, Leah, Lauren & Josh ended up bustling through the back door with a bushel of balloons in hand!

He was so excited, surprised & touched that it brought tears of happiness to his eyes! What a sensitive guy!

I made slow-cooker sloppy joes earlier that day; they were rather tasty & easy to make. I can't stand being stuck in the kitchen when I'm having a get together, so I love crowd pleasing, make-ahead meals. If you're interested in checking out the recipe, click here.

Cam wasn't exactly a fan of the birthday hat!

But Mike was!

Mike & his gal pals, Lauren & Kelly.

We couldn't decide who was taller so Lauren & Kelly went back-to-back. I think Kelly ended up being a hair taller, but it was super close.

Same goes with me & Matt; it was too close to tell!

Kelly loves her KC Boy!

I made Reese's peanut butter cup inspired cupcakes since Mike adores the combination of chocolate & peanut butter. I found this recipe in my Food Network Magazine; click here to check it out. Instead of mini cupcakes, I made regular & instead of homemade, I used a mix to save some time.

I think Mike enjoyed them. He thought they tasted good warmed in the microwave to soften the peanut butter & chocolate.

We tested out Lauren's birthday present; an awesome camera Josh gave her that very night. We got a little goofy with our poses, but it was a blast!

It was an awesome night & I'm so happy that my friends helped me pull off the surprise. Happy Birthday, Mike! I love you!

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  1. SO much fun! Thanks for putting that together, Ally.

  2. That was so much fun! And the food was excellent as always! I dig all the pictures. Haha, especially the ones during the photo shoot. haha