Friday, April 9, 2010

Mental Health Day

Lately it seems that I have less & less time & I'm more & more frazzled. And I'm sure most everyone is on board with me on that. I've been wanting to take a "mental health day" from work since I haven't had a day off since our whirlwind trip to Chicago in December. Now, a mental health day for some may equate to lounging around, reading, watching movies, going to the gym, etc. Not for me! My mental health day involves Cam going to day care so I can get EVERYTHING done in our house that I normally have little time to do.

So, I've been up since before 7, getting laundry done & getting ready to clean, clean, clean. This might sound like a crummy day off, but I love it! Before Cameron came along, I used to work four ten hour days so I could take Fridays off. Each Friday I would get everything done so we could fully enjoy our weekend sans housework. Since I've been back to work full-time since having Cameron, that has completely gone to the wayside.

And that's why I'm utterly thrilled to have an entire day to organize & clean while the TV broadcasts the Today Show, HGTV & the Food Network. And since cleaning in peace is therapy for me, today is gonna be a great day!

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  1. That's awesome! I totally feel ya. Sometimes a day to just catch up on all your little tasks is just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy your productive day. Now, you can have a worry free, chore-free weekend ahead! YAY!

  2. ...and what a job you did! Thank you for the great weekend toots!

  3. I agree, I love when I get an extra day off during the week just to get housework done. It takes a lot of pressure off weekends, may I add your house was spiffy clean on Friday. Great job!!