Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time Management!

Monday through Friday has become quite a whirlwind since I've officially gone back to work on a full-time basis! By the time we get home from work, get Cam fed & bathed, he's already going to sleep, so we only get about an hour and a half with him. Mornings are fun because Cam wakes up around 6:45 so we get some fun time with him before leaving the house.

It's the in-between stuff that takes such time management... dinner, dishes, cleaning, laundry, getting bottles ready for daycare, etc. Monday & Tuesday, I'm usually energetic & getting everything done, but my energy level dwindles as the week wears on. By Thursday, my thoughts are, laundry?? Who cares! I like to get a lot done during the week to free up the 2 precious days we have off during the weekend. Having Monday off for Memorial Day was AMAZING! It made me feel like we had so much time together & since then, my work week has flown!

Don't you just wish we could ALL have every Friday or Monday home, to spend together as a family?

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