Friday, May 29, 2009

Cam spent the day with Grandpa

Today my dad came up to spend the day with Cam & things went swimmingly from what I hear. It was my dad's first time having one on one time with his ONLY grandson. Cam is his third grandchild, but it's pretty special that he now has a grandson! I hope they are able to share many great times together, going to baseball games or playing catch.

You'll see the adorable little Yorkie here in the picture & that happens to be my dog, Pudge. I say "my dog" because at one time he technically was mine. For as long as I can remember, I would beg my parents to let us get a dog. Everyone in the house was on board other than my dad. So, finally, we all came to the decision (not including my dad's) that we'd go pick out a dog. I remember that I was a sophomore in HS and around 15 years old when my sister, cousin & I went to Alsip Nursery in Frankfort, IL & fell in love with the most precious little dog I have ever laid eyes on. Later that night my mom & brother went to pick Pudge up as we had put a deposit down earlier in the day. He was so small when he first came home that we could barely see him in the grass! Every single person that met Pudge fell in love. How could you not?? As cute as he is, he is sweet!

It's weird to spend time with him now & think that at the time we brought him home, I was only a kid in high school. So many things have changed since then. College, marriage, graduate school/internship, multiple house purchases, a move to FL and a baby! Here I am at age thirty, spending time with my son & my childhood dog. I can only hope & pray that the rest of Pudgey's days on Earth are pleasant and free of pain.

Cam wants to pet sweet, Pudgey Bear!

Cam & Grandpa spend some great one on one time together to bond!


So glad to be home from work with my boy!

My 2 dogs; one from childhood, one from adulthood with my baby in the middle!

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