Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to school!

So... haven't blogged in around 7 months & I've missed it!  Our laptop is a dinosaur & Cam is always snagging it, so I've gotten lazy about the whole process.  I have zero patience, so when a blog post should take twenty minutes but instead is taking an hour & twenty minutes, it's just not happening!  We're talking about buying me a personal laptop that Cam is required to keep his sticky fingers away from, so hopefully I'll get more consistent with blogging in the near future!

Speaking of Cam & his sticky fingers, this kid is starting 3rd grade!!  How did this happen?!  It is incredible how time is slipping by so quickly.  I feel like he was just starting kindergarten a second ago!

Cameron is such a big kid; he'll be taller than me before I know it!  A growth spurt must be in the works too because he's sleeping 12+ hours a night & it takes me waking him to get him up. He's had a nice, relaxing summer & we've been trying to get him mentally prepared for the strict routine of school these past few weeks.  He is extremely addicted attached to video games so we really have to be on top of his gaming or it gets seriously out of hand.  He will play all day long if we let him!  God forbid we tell him we're going out to dinner & he will likely throw a hissy fit because like an addict, he doesn't want to be away from it.  Yep, addicted for sure.  With school starting though, we have to ban video games Monday-Thursday because he can't balance it.  If we say he's allowed to play after homework, he will want to fly through his work so he can get to the games.  Unfortunately, it's all or nothing & to his dismay, we've chosen nothing.

Despite his video game antics, I absolutely adore this child!  He can be such a stinker but he is also incredibly sweet, loving & funny.  Cameron is very kind & thoughtful too.  He loves to play flag football & baseball, adores the Chicago Bears, the color orange, eating tomato soup, waffles, pancakes & cereal.

Because of the more laid-back schedule of summer, it's been so nice having the past couple of months to hang with my Bubba more often!

Speaking of awesome children, this little gal is off to KINDERGARTEN!!!!  She had a taste of it last week when she attended kindergarten camp & she loved every second of it.  Every time I'd pick her up from the summer camp program, she would tell me her day was AWESOME!  I think she's going to have a great first year of elementary school!


I clearly breed large children when you see those stats above!  Wowza!

This girl is truly something else!  Reese has such a sunny, positive disposition.  She's always up for anything & she has a smile doing it!  Having her in full time school on my Wednesdays off will definitely take some adjusting because she is such good company. 

Reese loves to swim, go to gymnastics, ride her bike, snuggle during family movie nights, color & eat snacks.  Oh boy does she like to eat snacks.  As we rein in Cam's video game playing, we have to also rein in Reese's snacking.  The girl loves to eat.  All day long if we let her.  No joke.  Being home more during the summer with extra free time on her hands has only amplified the love of snacking.  Getting back into a good routine of the school year will help curb that habit!

 It's so fun seeing the kids grow & change in their own ways.  I'm always amazed how different & unique they both are, despite coming from the same parents! 

I'd be lying if I said I was purely excited for the new school year as part of me is not looking forward to the rigmarole of the strict, busy schedule.  On the other hand though, I have a feeling it will be a great year & the routine will be good for all of us!

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