Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter 2016

Another holiday has come & gone!!  With that being said, I realized that I only decorate my house for three holidays each year; Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall & Christmas.  I do squat for Valentine's Day, St. Paddy's Day, Easter or the 4th of July.  I guess I'm just more drawn to the Fall!


We hadn't been down to my parent's house in Sarasota since Christmas so we were definitely ready for a long weekend there!  As Easter arrived, Cam's Spring break ended.  Since we work full-time, spring break doesn't mean all that much to Cam since he still has to go to the school all day & stay at their wrap-around program.  It's definitely nice not having to worry about homework though & get a break from baseball!  We did take the day after Easter off since it was a teacher planning day.  That meant one more day in Sarasota!

The cousins were united & it felt so good!  The dynamic duo of Cameron & Mikayla were apart for three whole months!!

Since then, Cameron has continued to shed more teeth, although he actually went a long stretch without losing any.

The boy has definitely been on a growth spurt lately & he'll be taller than me before you know it.  As he now asks for 2 sandwiches for dinner, I know he must be growing quickly!

Then there's my sweet, little Reese!  I got her signed up for pre-K in the Fall... where has the time gone?!  I'm so glad she's a November baby because I so wouldn't be ready for her to start kindergarten!

The kiddos were ready to find their baskets & go on an egg hunt when they woke up Easter morning!

This little boy was looking rather dapper in the outfit his Grammy bought him before she headed to Chicago.

Although the kids have seen my mom several times since Christmas, my dad's been working a lot so he hasn't been able to come up to our house.  It was so great to have the whole family back together again!

Even though Reese is getting older, the other kids have a much greater advantage, so we gave Reese a fifteen second head-start in finding eggs.  Not that they hadn't been on the pool deck all morning, scoping out the backyard ahead of time!

Reese was sporting a new dress that her Grammy bought too!

Handsome boy!

The girls!  And that's Easter in a nutshell... lots of catching up, hanging out, cooking & just enjoying each other!

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  1. very cute! that picture of reese by the pool is adorable!
    how do you get cam to wear a hat??, what a cool dude!
    when is that dad of yours gonna retire? he's always been one hard working guy. your mom, too. hard working woman of course!
    :) love to the pernecky/schuths

    1. Thank you, sweet Lesli! Cameron is so laid back in personality that he'd wear a duck suit if I laid it out for him in the morning! As for my dad retiring, when pigs fly!!!