Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crazy little thing called fun

We have had quite a bit going on these past few weeks while Mike's mom was in town from Chicago.  We headed to Disney & the whole Pernecky clan flew down from Chicago & met up in Orlando.  It was very exciting since it was Reese's first time to Disney World.  Even though we live less than an hour & a half away, it's so expensive!  Mike's mom & dad have always dreamed of taking their grand kids, so they were sweet & generous enough to treat the whole family!

In keeping with firsts, Reese got her first pedicure with me & Grammy; all matching with a Disney theme!

With the matching pedis came the adorable matching t-shirts that Mike's mom & sister designed.  We got so many compliments & I loved that we could easily spot each other in a crowd!

Even though "they" say it's the happiest place on Earth, Reese had a mega meltdown within twenty minutes of getting into the Magic Kingdom.  I tried to pawn her off on passerby's, but had no takers!

The kids met a bunch of characters.

But absolutely nothing compared to Reese's visit with Cinderella.  Lets just say she was star struck; she did not know what to do with herself.  Positively adorable.

Reese's dream come true was when Cinderella asked her if she would play hide & seek.  Absolutely precious.

Cameron was tall enough to ride every single roller coaster & he did awesome!  The look on Nick & Erika's face in the picture above on the Tower of Terror is hilarious!!

Grammy & Papa wanted to take the kids to Disney's Not so Scary Halloween so we were able to park hop over the food & wine fest at Epcot for some adult beverages & awesome food.   So fun!

Anyone who has taken a Disney vacation knows it isn't relaxing & you end up absolutely exhausted after, but it was totally worth it!  We had a blast together & it's so rare that the entire Pernecky family is together; I was very thankful.

On our last morning, we dragged our lifeless bodies out of bed at the butt crack of dawn to make it to the only character breakfast we could get into.  Word to the wise, you really need to reserve any character dining 180 days in advance or you won't get in.  We know from experience!

What an awesome trip that we'll never forget!

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